foto ramblas

This has to be one of the coolest books around! Studio Foto Ramblas operated from 1956 to 1985. They did all kind of jobs but were known for their "quality studio portraits". Boxers, fighters, starlets...if you were chasing a dream and needed proper promotional images, Studio Foto Ramblas was the place to go.

In my blurry memories I see myself with a buddy standing in front of their windows laughing our silly heads off. We just thought it was so uncool!

The book came out a while ago and got harder to find but the guys at the Galeria dels Angels sell amazing big format silver prints... and the white walls in my flat are calling for one of those!

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marie-france dijo...

Quatre boules de cuir
Tournent dans la lumière
De ton oeil électrique, boxe, boxe
O déesse de pierre

Claude Nougaro