alex trochut
(will blow your mind)

No doubt about it, Alex Trochut has talent to spare. It runs in the family, his grandfather Joan Trochut was an extremely influential type designer and so is he. Type and ilustration infused together seems to be his trademark.
The list of clients he's worked for is amazing for someone his age and includes several major corporations, newspapers and magazines and the cover of the last Rolling Stones compilation.
And hey, it's only the begining!

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Sr. Shysh dijo...

Reconozco que hay ingenio en sus creaciones pero también falta algo que creo que toda tipografía debe tener: legibilidad.

Ken dijo...

OMG...I'm having a drug flashback! It's 1969 at the Fillmore, the Grateful Dead are playing, I just took that tab of acid that Grace Slick gave me and everything is starting to look very very strange...

Sense and Sensibility dijo...