sugar rush

The first Papabubble hand made candy store was opened in Barcelona in 2004 by two Australian expats.
Apart from their lollipops, bags and jars they will personalize any shape and size you desire. It is enchanting to watch the guys behind the counter work their magic, -while the intoxicatingly delicious smell drives your sweet tooth wild-.
In just six short years the Papabubble candy emporium has expanded to cities like Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, Taipei....
Sweet, no?

3 comentarios:

ricard dijo...

Sweet indeed!!

Ken dijo...

They should open a shop here in Vegas. It would be a big hit!

I've already seen my first Elvis impersonator -- from the white cape, rhinestones, and big aviator glasses period. He was getting married at the Bellagio. But his bride didn't look at all like Priscilla Presley.

Ken dijo...

I first heard Ballroom Blitz -- I swear to God -- on a jukebox in a bar in Spain back in nineteen seventy.... uhhhmmmm, a long time ago.

I must've been using another fake ID to get in!