bachelor pad

So you need to refurbish your pad and, as is usually the case, budget is no issue.
My advice? Head straight to en linea barcelona, walk into their mighty stark showroom and be in awe at what the gentlemen there have to offer. You will find all those mid century classics you like so much, along with other less obvious pieces selected from the very best of Italian and international design of all periods.
Cocktails, bossa nova, and swanky furniture like this...What a heartbreaker!

images via en linea barcelona

en linea barcelona
Còrsega 284
08009 Barcelona

Black Series-Walter Knoll 2010

Marcel Breuer 1935

Hans J Wegner 1960

Roberto Lazzeroni

Phillipe Stark 2007

Warner Platner 1966

2 comentarios:

Ken dijo...

Oh la la la! C'est si moderne!!!

Juste comme moi!

Chloe du Bois
Mid-Century Moderne Doyenne

ricard dijo...

Budget is no issue...ha ha!
Great stuff!