under the roof

After its start over a 130 years ago, the Sagrada Familia church is far from being completed. Without a proper blueprint to follow, there was a lot of controversy on whether the building should go on or just be left unfinished. The works have been going on, and now, in addition to wandering around and claiming the towers, you can actually walk inside. Yes, finally it does have a roof -and a pretty extravagant ceiling too!-.
The interior was officially opened a couple of years ago with grand fanfare by the Pope himself. I hadn't seen it yet, so I went this morning to check it out, and it was freezing in there!

The Singing Nun-Dominique
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Anónimo dijo...

Magnificent, the most extraordinary ceiling of any church in a globe!!!

Thank you for these pictures again, nowdays I come every day to check your blog..

with love from freezing Helsinki - full of snow <3

the shy paparazzo dijo...

Thanks for commenting.
Never seen Helsinki in the snow but I bet it is as beautiful as Helsinki in the sun.
Stay warm!

Xavier dijo...

!! genials !!

La Almoneda de Gabriela dijo...

Increible!!! Muy chulo!

Toñi dijo...


the streetstyle hunter dijo...

Estamos enamorados de tu blog!