a house is not a home # 2
(can negre by josep maria jujol)
sant joan despí

Originally a country house, Can Negre was transformed into the fairytale building that is today by architect Josep Maria Jujol in the early XXth Century.
Jujol was second to none but somehow overshadowed by contemporary maverick Antoni Gaudí. The two of them, along with others, dotted the city and its suburbs with awesome buildings that have no parallel anywhere else; many of them virtually unknown, even by locals!
More of Jujol coming up soon... and hopefully some interiors too.

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4 comentarios:

Henrietta Hassinen dijo...

Gorgeus building.

Xavier dijo...

Gracies Sr.

Kate dijo...

Whimsical, delightful and I DO ant to see more!!

Anónimo dijo...

Me encata Can Negre.

En Sant Joan Despí hay otros edificios destacados de Jujol como la Torre de la Creu, también muy recomendable.