life's a beach # 2

So close to the city and yet so far away!
The Garraf beach might not be the best beach you've seen, but it is a very special one. The row of cabins at the bottom of the hill frames it oh so nicely!
Perched atop a little cliff overlooking the sea, the town itself is small, sleepy and totally unassuming. Hibiscus, Aloe and Bougainvillia, a few nice homes, a good restaurant, charm to spare and not much else.
Very popular with city people you may think. Well, not at all actually. Isn't it strange?

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2 comentarios:

sonia a. mascaro dijo...

I agree with you, the row of cabins is very nice. Love the blue gate surrounded by beautiful flowers. Great photos!

Anónimo dijo...

preciosas fotografías. Tengo muchos recuerdos en esas playas