pavelló de la república

Originally built in Paris by architect Josep Lluis Sert for the 1937 Universal Exhibition, the Pavillion was basically a desperate cry for help as the atrocious Spanish Civil War was gaining momentum.
A little rationalism masterpiece built on a shoestring budget -considering the circumpstances-, the Pavillion couldn't compete with the Eiffel Tower but didn't go unnoticed.
It displayed art by Calder and Miró but it was Picasso's Gernika -seen there for the first time- that stole the show.
An exact replica built years later sits on the Montbau hills. Yes, I know you didn't know. Go check it out!. Humble, no marble here, but very very nice.

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marie-France dijo...

c'est très beau très simple et très digne

tout le contraire du goût rance et mesquin du franquisme !

visca la Republica !