escape # 3

One of the good things here is that a very short flight takes you to very different places.
A bit more than an hour and you're in Casablanca, for instance.

Mythic but often overlooked, Casa might be the less Moroccan city in Morocco but a very interesting one to visit.
The modern Casablanca was built, and somehow invented, by the French in the 20's and 30's.
The Moorish-Art Deco-Modernist fantasy that is downtown Casa is out of this World and very often looks more like a black and white Hollywood set than an African city.

Unfortunately, many of the buildings are not very well kept. Could it be that some kind of issue with their colonial past prevents Moroccans from realizing what an amazing city Casablanca is and could be? Just saying.

Anyway, if Casablanca restores its heritage one day it will become a travellers magnet and one of the most architecturally fascinating cities around.

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