escape # 6

Up to France again. This time to the South-West town of Arcachon on the shore of the Bassin d'Arcachon. The Bassin is a huge lagoon that brings a softer version of the Atlantic Ocean inland. The towns & villages all around it create one of the top summer destinations in France.
I overheard a lady say that Arcachon had un charme fou, was très classe and très très chic. I could add that everytning seems photoshoot ready and of course, if it was good enough for Jean Cocteau, it is certainly good enough for me.
Deux Lillet s'il vous plaît!

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radiant baby

In 1989 Keith Haring chose one of the seediest walls in town to place his AIDS awareness mural. Of course, it didn't last long.
25 years later Haring's art has been re-painted on a safer wall by the MACBA. An exact replica thanks to a blueprint and a color sample. Not the real real thing, but still real nice.
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