via air mail

Eighties Vintage makes mailboxes happy!
Tony Anzizu's post-cards!
Available at Verkerke (Cardenal Casañas 10).

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kiss kiss bang bang

Joan Fontcuberta's mural has given new life to a dusty little square accross from the Cathedral. (Plaça Isidre Nonell)
The snapshots were sent by people and printed on little tiles and, of course, the square is quickly becoming a hotspot for kissing selfies and other digitalia.
Thousands of old pixs generating thousands of new ones.
Makes sense, I guess.
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more than this

Curro Claret coordinated the project and designed the metal pieces that hold the base and the back.
Knock-off sellers, metal scavengers, homeless persons and other down-and-outs did the rest.
The results can be seen at La Sala Vinçon.

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brain & beast ss 15
(first row i don't think so)
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