mix and mingle
(the hilton brothers)

Christopher Makos worked with Andy Warhol for years. Among other things he photographed the young and the gorgeous while out and about for the last page of Interview Magazine.

When he teamed up with fellow photographer Paul Soldberg, the dynamic duo became an artistic item and christened themselves "The Hilton Brothers".

They began creating new from old by mixing their works (1 Makos + 1 Soldberg = 1 Hilton Brothers), but soon enough they were shooting and posing together, not to mention having a good time!

Their "Mistaken Identity" exhibit finally made it to town. It's pop, it's bright and it's beautiful. Oh, and it's right on Plaça Catalunya, so there's no way you're missing it.

Mistaken Identity
The Hilton Brothers
Espai Cultural Caja Madrid
Plaça Catalunya 9

P.S. Obviously the pictures above are not mine and so the copyright thing does not aply here, ok?

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